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Dr. Owen Cargol
Professor of Management, Al Yamamah University

The Al Yamamah University Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree program, approved by the Ministry of Education, presents a unique opportunity in Riyadh for an inter-institutional and international graduate education. The program provides local YU students the one-of-a kind option to earn a YU EMBA, and an INSEEC (Paris) Master of Business Administration (MBA), as well as a PostGraduate Diploma (PGD) from The Washington State University (USA).

The tri-institution collaborative arrangement brings together local YU, French and American faculty in a single program that has been designed to provide a distinguished graduate education in International Management. Students complete a comprehensive curriculum that has been organized to provide working students the opportunity to take their courses on weekends and evenings to enable them to continue with their jobs during the work week, while studying and attending classes convenient for employed mid-career professionals.

Professors are chosen from the three different universities based on their theoretical and applied expertise in the subjects they teach.  All courses are taught utilizing the Socratic method which requires active student learning through critical analysis and discussion in the classroom.

The MBA courses from INSEEC and the PostGraduate courses from WSU are built into the EMBA curriculum so that students do not have to spend extra time to earn all three credentials.  Cohorts are offered a range of  WSU PostGraduate Diploma options from which to choose. Finance, Project Management, Leadership & Management, and Marketing have been the most popular.

The professors from France and the USA fly into Riyadh for intensive courses, so students do not have to leave their homes or jobs in order to take advantage of the opportunity to have both local faculty and visiting professors from the USA and France.

In addition to the three credential option in the YU EMBA program, YU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Human Resources Management (MHEM) students can avail themselves of the WSU PostGraduate Diploma option by utilizing their free electives to earn one of the Washington State PGD’s.