Law Students Visit Criminal Evidence Department at the General Directorate of Public Security

As part of its extra-curricular activities, the Department of Law organized a field trip to the Criminal Evidence Department at the Public Security to bring the law students into direct contact with one of the most vital fields of security and legal work in the Kingdom in order to learn first-hand about the state-of-the-art methods and technologies employed in this field.

The students visited the various labs and sections specialized in identity checks, fingerprints and arms and explored the crime scene department, cyber-crime investigation section and counterfeit detection section.

They also listened to extensive explanations and descriptions from the concerned officers about the work processes and the required skills and qualifications that their staff must have to be able to perform their duties.


MBA Program Hosts Graphene Ventures LLC, President to Speak About Venture Capital

Graphene Ventures President and YU MBA alumnus, Mr. Nabil Alnour, gave an informative presentation on the impact of venture capital on Saudi economy to an audience of MAB and BBA students and faculty in the framework of the evening workshops and guest-speakers program organized by the COBA.

Moderated by Head of Strategy and Business Development, Mr. Mohammed Alkhudair, the presentation given by Mr. Nabil Alnour highlighted the importance of venture capital in global markets in general and the in Saudi Arabia in particular. Alnour spoke about his experience in the Saudi market trying to invest in the telecommunications and the sports sectors ten years ago and the difficulties he faced then such as the lack of the supportive investment environment and regulations and the very little incentives that the market offered.

Alnour moved on to talk about his experience in the US and his strong relations with Silicon Valley which helped him in a short period of time to own a percentage in some social media companies and other tech businesses.

Speaking about the current situation of the local market and the huge improvements to facilitate investment and create a competitive environment for businesses to flourish, Alnour urged the students in the audience to seize the opportunity and invest in technology and communications solutions saying that Vision 2030 has established the right atmosphere and provided the necessary tools, regulations and support that venture capital needs to achieve its role and help in the diversification of income sources  and the reduction of dependency on oil income.

Towards the end of his presentation, Alnour called on all students in the BBA and MBA programs to focus on their passion and invest their time, knowledge and resources to implement what the learn and create  their own businesses focusing on selecting the right team before anything else to guarantee solid foundations and keep risks at their lowest.


Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Workshop Organized by Law Students Club

The Law Students Club hosted at Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alkhudair Auditorium lawyer Saleh Abdulrahman Alatram to address the students about the methods and procedures of detecting and foiling money laundering and terrorism financing operations.

Mr. Alatram started his presentation by giving definitions and examples of money laundering and terrorism financing and their different stages and levels. He relied in his presentation on the latest theories and views that identify those two criminal acts and highlighted the serious threat they pause on the security of any nation and society in the world as two of the most dangerous and complex crimes that the world is facing nowadays.

Speaking about their intricate nature, Alatram went on to detail the complexities and dangers that those two crimes have, especially money laundering which is considered a byproduct and cover of an original and precedent crime. He said that despite this fact, money laundering is perceived as an independent crime which necessitates the pursuit and persecution of the perpetrator.

Analyzing the elements of money laundering crime, Alatram said that the essence of money laundering lies in the attempts to legalize suspiciously gained money, which is regarded by the relevant international agreements as a criminal act punishable by the law. He said that Saudi Arabia, as an active and responsible member of the international community, takes this crime very seriously and has developed the necessary laws and measures to combat it on all levels. In his analysis, Alatram said that, in money laundering, it is not necessary for the legislator to see a specific criminal result because this crime is generally regarded as a crime of mere action, which means it is enough to commit the act in order to be liable for persecution.

The speaker concluded by addressing the civil and criminal responsibility of banks, financial organizations and their staff when it comes to money laundering, and giving numerous examples of suspicious actions and transactions and how to discover them and report them to the security authorities.


16 COBA Students Shine at the STEAM Innovation Challenge by KAUST

COBA student, Nourah Abdullatif, won, together with a team of highly motivated university students from Riyadh, a $7,500 prize check given by the STEAM Innovation Challenge which was held on 20 & 21 October 2017 at Hayat Regency, Riyadh, and organized by KAUST, in partnership with SABB.

Noura, and her 15 male and female students from COBA, took part in the 48 hour intensive student innovation challenge to create solutions (systems, services, or projects) to Saudi, regional and global Fintech problems. The students were divided among 20 multidisciplinary teams that consisted of students from KSU, PNU, KSU, Alfaisal and Prince Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.

The teams worked collaboratively to find creative and innovative solutions to three challenges: management and transfer of money, managing the relationship with bank clients and securing and managing information.

Nourah Abdulatif and her team came up with a bank service they called BeFast, which is an online platform that accelerates the payment and settlement of invoices for small and big businesses. Noticing the lengthy B2B invoicing process that takes around 60 days for a small business to get paid and the amount of distraction for the big businesses by too many invoices and emails sent by small businesses, this platform will provide a direct link between the big and small companies to have direct contact and to be able to settle their invoices directly, easily and efficiently. Alajmi said she was “so excited that her collaboration with the team was so successful and that their presentation was effective and persuasive so that they could win the second prize.”

Commenting on his experience in the STEAM Challenge, student Abdulmalik Alguraini said he was so excited “to work under pressure with a team of diverse individuals, and to succeed in adapting quickly to the team dynamics and to work efficiently on ideas that solve real problems”. According to Alguraini, this experience was very valuable in preparing him for the labor market and in helping him discover his own potential.

Sarah Alrshoudi described the solution she developed with her team as a very practical solution to a problem that almost any bank client is prone to have: issuing an immediate replacement of a lost credit card. She said their solution “cuts the lengthy process of client identification, which normally takes a long time, especially if the client lost her or his credit card while on holiday. By integrating fingerprint identification through the SABB mobile application, it will be extremely helpful and immediate for the bank to identify the client and to issue the replacement, with an expiration date that covers the period of the client’s stay outside Saudi through partner banks in the city/country where the card was lost.”

Commending Sarah’s skills of creative thinking and presentations skills, international mentor John Eager said that Sarah was very successful in presenting her team’s complex idea in English. He described her as being “energetic, positive, and very quick to adapt to the team”. He said that he was impressed by how effectively she could interact with the team members and how she pitched the idea of their solution in a clear and succinct way.

Head of the Entrepreneurship Center at KAUST, Gordon McConnell, who was the leader of the event, expressed his deep admiration of all the participants describing them as “super enthusiastic, super smart, and very coachable, which an extremely important thing.”

The fintech challenge by KAUST is held in Riyadh for the first time.

1st Annual Projects Exhibition at College of Engineering and Architecture

A colorful array of student works decorated the main lobby to celebrate the First Annual Exhibition of the College of Engineering and Architecture students’ projects, showcasing the students’ creativity and innovation.

The exhibition was opened by YU President, Prof. Hussein Alfreihi, Vice President, Prof. Houssam Ramadan and college dean, Dr. Waleed Abanmi, who took a tour around the exhibition and listened to detailed descriptions of the projects given by the students.

Dean of Architecture, Dr. Abanmi said the exhibition will be the first in a series of annual exhibitions in the young college to motivate the students to excel and demonstrate their creativity and passion. He expressed his pride and admiration of the dedication, enthusiasm and leadership of the students who made every effort to organize the exhibition and make it successful.

Speaking about the importance of the exhibition to the students and their teachers, Head of Architecture & Interior Design Department, Dr. Saqer Alsqour said that this exhibition represents the students’ practical application of what they learned in the classroom and is a special opportunity to listen to feedback and opinions given by the exhibition visitors. He also thanked the college administration and the university leadership who gave their full support to organize it.

At the end of the tour, YU President greeted the students and handed certificates of appreciation to the students who presented the best projects.