Partnership Extended between YU and INTERLINK

An extension of the partnership agreement was signed between YU and INTERLINK Language Center whereby INTERLINK at YU continues to provide the English language program for the orientation year students as well as any other English language teaching services.

The extension agreement was signed by the Chairman of Board of Trustees, Mr. Khalid Alkhudair and INTERLINK President, Mr. Ahad Shahbaz on 26 December 2017.

The extension is a clear sign of the sustainable success and achievement of INTERLINK at YU and its innovative and unique language teaching and learning program that has been serving the university students and the community at large, and of YU’s keenness on building strong and sustainable partnerships with world class educational institutions.

Highlighting the importance of the extension, Mr. Khalid Alkhudair said that the agreement will guarantee the sustainability of the success that has been made over the past fourteen years, which reflected very positively on the fulfillment of the university’s vision and mission and its commitment to providing quality educational services and programs.

Mr. Shahbaz maintained that the extension is a clear indication of the cumulative success that both parties have been able to reap together as a result of their commitment to quality education and the principles of the learner-centered approach and project-based language learning. He said that as INTERLINK enters its fourth decade, it is very focused on building and sustaining strong partnerships with distinguished colleges and universities such as YU to create further opportunities for the students to benefit from a unique language program that delivers practical learning outcomes, which help them succeed in their academic studies and in the job market after graduation.

INTERLINK first started in 1979 in Preston, New Jersey, to teach English as a second language to diverse students from various backgrounds and world cultures by professional teachers who follow a unique program and a creative learner-centered curriculum. Today, INTERLINK has centers in six universities and colleges across the US.

The partnership between YU and INTERLINK dates back to the day when the then Al Yamamah College opened its doors for the first time in September 2004 to offer a distinguished language qualification program that has proven to be one of the best programs in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia. The quality of the language proficiency and skills obtained by the programs graduates not only enables them to capably pursue their academic studies at Al Yamamah, where English is the language of instruction, but also to successfully stand out in the crowd in a labor market that demands strong communication skills in English.


Industrial Engineering: The New Department at College of Engineering

With the approval of the Ministry of Education, the university is pleased to announce the opening of the Industrial Engineering Department at the College of Engineering. This new addition is part of the university’s development plan to supply the labor market with qualified human resources in this field which falls in line with the ambitious Vision 2030 goals of building the national human capacity in the industrial and economic sectors.

The program will serve the goals of developing the oil and gas related industries, enhancing the contribution of renewed energy resources in the energy mix, and maximizing the power sector competitiveness and the value of the mining sector. It also aims to help the nationalization of industry by enhancing the local content levels in the non-oil industries, improving the performance of logistics centers and improving the local, regional and international connections of the trade and transportations networks.

This step comes in line with the national industry strategy of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources who will be a strategic partner in motivating and supporting investors to ensure the success of this strategy which aims to double the national GDP in the industrial sector by 2020, achieve a 9% growth rate in high-skills jobs and 16% in industrial exports.

University President, Prof. Hussam Ramadan, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Education for approving the study plan of the new department and the authorization to start admission in the program. He highlighted the contributions of a highly qualified team of experts in the design of the study plan which was revised and evaluated by two universities in Canada and the US. Prof. Ramadan added that industrial engineering is seen today as a very important specialization and profession the labor market that helps greatly in developing the means and systems of production, develop and innovate highly competitive products and enhance the overall competitiveness of the national industries.

The university announced the start of admission in this new department for the academic year 1439-1440.

YU President Welcomes the President of ASBAR Forum

Prof. Hussein bin Mohammed AlFreihi, President of Al Yamamah University, received the delegation of the ASBAR Forum headed by Prof. Fahad AlOrabi AlHarthi, President of the ASBAR Forum. Including Eng. Khaled AlOthman, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Forum and Secretary General of the Forum, Abdullah AlDuwaihy. Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Professor Hussam Ramadan, and Director of Communication and University Relations Dr. Yousef AlRashidi, who all attended the meeting.

Professor Fahad AlHarthi expressed his thanks and appreciation for the warm reception. He indicated that Al Yamamah University is a prestigious academic institution, which is one of the leading buildings in the field of higher education in the private sector. Dr. Hussein AlFreihi added that cooperation with Al Yamamah University will enhance the role of the Forum, and the University in the framework of the Forum and its objectives. He later clarified that the ASBAR Forum objectives include discussing development issues among its distinguished members culturally and scientifically. Also, that it aims to publish periodic reports in summaries of the discussions, which includes a number of recommendations based on the interventions of specialists from the members of the Forum.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Hussein Al Freihi welcomed the visiting delegation and stressed that the university happily offers its services, in order to ensure beneficial cooperation in various developmental fields. He stated that the university seeks to raise community awareness and provide high quality and professional education and research services. Then, he gave the delegation an overview of the university, its faculties, and study programs. After that, both sides enjoyed a video presentation on the ASBAR forum, which included the definition of the forum, its objectives, its main activities and its members. At the end of the visit, the delegation toured the university, including its educational and recreational facilities.

Al Yamamah University and MA’ADEN Sign Memorandum of Cooperation and Exchange of Experiences

Al Yamamah University welcomed a delegation from Ma’aden, including Vice President for Learning and Development Partnerships, Mr. Fawzi Bou Bashit, Dr. Issam Abu Zeid, Senior Advisor for Learning and Development Partnerships, Mr. Mohammed Al Shehri, Senior Specialist in Partnerships Management for Learning and Development on Tuesday, January 2, 2017.

The visit comes to strengthen cooperation between the two sides, knowing that the University and MA’ADEN signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement will contribute to the activation of the role of companies and institutions in participating in the training and rehabilitation of university, students and employees of the company.

The meeting started with a welcoming speech by the President, Prof. Dr. Hussein M. AlFreihi, in which he welcomed the visiting delegation and highlighted the university’s objectives, future plans, programs and educational services to the community.

The Dean of Admissions, Registration and Student Affairs Dr. Soliman Alkharboush, made a presentation about the university and its colleges, the graduate program “Masters” and continuing education programs in the various diplomas offered by the university.

At the end of the visit, MA’ADEN’S delegation toured the university facilities, including classrooms, educational and recreational facilities

Al Yamamah University earlier signed a memorandum of cooperation and exchange of experiences with MA’ADEN. The memorandum of cooperation between the two parties includes MA’ADEN’S participation in the co-op program in its business locations and subsidiaries.

Al Yamamah University will also provide master’s programs for MA’ADEN employees who are enrolled at the university as students, according to the specializations available at the university.

The memorandum of cooperation also included the work of the two sides to develop a mechanism for the exchange of experiences and qualifying competencies from both sides, as well as conducting studies and practical research related to their activity.