College of Engineering and Architecture Organizes Second Exhibition

The College of Engineering and Architecture organized the end-of-year exhibition for the college students in the main lobby in the men’s main building. The exhibition consisted of numerous designs, sketches and plans.

College dean, Dr. Waleed Abanami, expressed his admiration of the works presented and commended their efforts. He reiterated the colleges commitment to give all support to students’ creativity and innovation.

Head of Architecture Department, Dr. Saqr Alsqour, highlighted the importance of the exhibition as a practical demonstration of the learning outcome and a display of the students’ development since the beginning of the academic year when they held their first exhibition.

Saudi Electricity Company held a Lecture on Information Security at YU

The information security department of the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) held a lecture entitled, Secure your Information with Awareness by Khalid Abdulrahman Alrasheed, a law student at the university and a member of the Saudi Electricity Company. A large number of university students have attended the lecture.

College of Business Administration Organizes a Lecture on Quality

The Quality Management Department in College of Business Administration at Al Yamamah University delivered a lecture on the latest developments in quality management by Mr. Hendrik Ludek from Almarai Company. Mr. Hendrik spoke about the quality standards and its importance in the establishment of an organization. Quality management expert from Almarai Company, Mr. Abdullah Al-Quraini presented the management functions and missions of the company.

YU Students Participated in KAUST’s TAQADAM Program

The third phase of TAQADAM has completed the entrepreneurs’ program at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. The members of the team are Sarah Alyaqoub, Abeer Alyaqoub, Shahad Ziyarah, Abdulhamid Alqurashi, Hamad Alruwaita and Sarah Alrashoudi. The members excelled at completing their duties under the supervision of Ms. Nada Alali.

Ms. Arwa Alshafi from KAUST presented the program’s second workshop on The Road to a Client. Ms. Arwa was able to explain to the contestants how to work on their clients’ experience in order to solve any problem they face with the use of figures and drawings. Al Yamamah University students will begin the third phase of KAUST-SABB University Entrepreneur Accelerator Program in support of Vision 2030 with the participation of Saudi universities students.

Vice President of Al Habib Medical Group for Human Resources lectured at the new Human Resources Community

The Saudi Human Resources Association organized the gathering of the Human Resources Community last Wednesday in cooperation with Al Yamamah University, the Knowledge Partner. Mr. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Amer, Vice President of Al Habib Medical Group for Human Resources, delivered a lecture on the new human resources community. His lecture answered a number of common questions in relation to this matter.

Ibrahim Al-Amer, Vice President of Human Resources at Al Habib Medical Group stated, “The recruitment department is the first door to access the world of human resources. The facility has artistic and creative organizational structure, and the creators of the facility are difficult to maintain.”

The Vice President stressed that the President of Human Resources should ensure that his management has an opinion on the decision makers in any expansion or development plan in the facility, noting the importance of the role of human resources in the growth of any activity. At the end of the lecture, the participants opened a discussion by answering questions from the audience.

HRH Princess Rima bint Bandar Sponsors the Graduation Ceremony of Women Section at YU

HRH Princess Rima bint Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, President of the Saudi Federation for Community Sports sponsored the graduation ceremony of the eighth batch of female students at Al Yamamah University in Riyadh on Wednesday, 25 April at Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al Khudair Hall.

The university celebrated the graduation of 122 students with bachelor’s degrees in management, computer, and law, 33 students with a Master’s degree in executive management and the number of 11 students with a diploma degree in Human Recourses.

Prof. Hussein AlFreihi, in a video message to the graduates and their families, said: “on this occasion, I extend my sincere congratulations to our students and their mothers wishing them success in their future careers.” He also stated that he is sure that they will be a good base in building this society under the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

HRH Princess Rima delivered a speech in which she pointed out that successful women are the ones who support women and open the door to each other. She expressed her pride in the graduates of the Kingdom, wishing them a future that serves their religion and their homeland. She expressed her gratitude for being a representation of her country across the world. She also aspires to see the daughters of the homeland succeed in both of the public and private sectors in order to advance the goals of the nation.

Student Maram Flatah delivered the graduates’ speech in which she expressed her thanks to the parents, to the university and to all those who were behind their success. Maram ended her speech with a sincere prayer for our brave soldiers.

YU Organized the International High Schools Debate Tournament for Male and Female Students

Al Yamamah University organized the International High Schools Debate Tournament on Tuesday, April 24, where Abdulaziz International Schools won the first and second places. Najd Schools took the third place.

The aim of this tournament is to help students understand the role of logical arguments and to enable them to clarify their point of view with rhetorical perspective. The debates instill in students the sense of balance and self-confidence.

As for the female Tournament, Kingdom Schools won first place. Abdulaziz International Schools came in second and Alafaq Schools won third place. Each school was divided into several teams competing for topics that the judges chose for them under the supervision of INTERLINK Language Center at Al Yamamah University.

At the end of the competition, Dr. Yousif Alrashidi, Director of Communication and University Relations, handed awards to the teams that won the first, second and third places.

Students Celebrated International Mother Earth Day

Al Yamamah Uuniversity students celebrated International Mother Earth Day with the presence of Prof. Hussam Ramadan, Vice President of Al Yamamah University and the faculty members. The celebration is for remembering International Mother Earth Day as a way to change our views and lifestyle in order to have a healthy friendship with our dear planet.

A number of organizers confirmed that International Mother Earth Day is a day to appreciate our planet and remind ourselves of good, useful habits, such as lower energy use, lower waste production and contributing to the recovery of extinct species of both plants and animals. The celebration focused on spreading awareness of the seriousness of environmental issues such as climate change, fossil fuel consumption, industrial pollution and endangered animals to stress on how those issues will affect future generations. This kind of awareness is what the community currently needs, especially the students. The future generation must be well aware of the harmful environmental problems so that they can take steps to solve them.

College of Law Students Visited the Human Rights Commission

A delegation from College of Law students at Al Yamamah University visited the Human Rights Commission. The visit was for educational purposes on legal and judicial bodies in the Kingdom. Dr. Khalid Al – Habshan, Assistant Professor in College of Business was the head of the delegation. Dr. Bandar bin Mohammed Al-Aiban, President of the Human Rights Commission and Dr. Nasser Bin Rajeh Al-Shahrani, Vice President of the Human Rights Commission attended the meeting.

In line with the policy of Al Yamamah University, which is keen to introduce its students to the leading institutions in the Kingdom and to learn more about its competencies and programs, this visit came to motivate the students to do their best in order to be the leaders of the future. The delegation visited the Commission of Human Rights and leaned the nature of its role in the promotion and protection of human rights. The visit also introduced the students to regional and international agreements that Saudi Arabia is part of.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation thanked the President and the Vice President of the commission for the good reception and the valuable information presented.

YU Students Participated in Kaizen Arabia

Students of College of Computer and Information Systems at Al Yamamah University participated in the Kaizen Arabia competition. It is the first competition of the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity and Programming in Riyadh. The objectives of the federation are to build and qualify national and professional capabilities in the field of cybersecurity and software development based on best practices and international standards. Saudi Arabia aspires to reach the ranks of developed countries in the industry of modern technical knowledge.