Minister for Social Affairs Presides Over Graduation

Al Yamamah University, in coordination with Social Welfare Fund under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Yusuf Bin Ahmad Al Othaimiin, Minister for Social Affairs and President of Social Welfare Fund, organized a Graduation Ceremony for 58 male and 366 female students completing their studies at the deanship of Continuing Education & Community Services Diploma Programs in various disciplines (Insurance, HRM, Banking Management) on Wednesday, 21 Jumada-II, 1434H corresponding to 1st May, 2013.

On this auspicious occasion, H.E. Professor Adel Bin Nasim, DG (Social Welfare Fund) commented that “ The Social Welfare Fund believes that progress depends upon human capital. Our modern approach to Human Resources Development encompasses a wide range of programs.

We encourage people to pursue training that leads to good opportunities in a variety of professional fields and seek to highlight the role of the individual in the process of national economic development. Our programs focus on the root-causes of social problems and are designed to create a suitable environment within which to craft workable solutions, even as we explore job opportunities for young graduates commensurate with their capability and strength”.

He stated that we are celebrating today’s graduation ceremony of the 3rd student cohort who completed their studies under sponsorship by the Social Welfare Fund in coordination with Al Yamamah University which is directly blessed and supported by the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and HRH the Crown Prince.

This cooperative arrangement provides a shining example of the range of initiatives administered under the auspices of the Social Security Fund and Welfare Organizations to provide all needed support for our young people, including those from families with special needs, orphans, the divorced and widows, as well as those from prisoners’ families and individuals participating in corrective programs as a result of prior drug abuse. He stated that the Social Welfare Fund’s programs depend upon the Almighty’s unlimited bounty as well as the unequivocal support of partners like Al Yamamah University who provide the students with professional training.

H.E. Dr. Hussein Bin Mohammad Alfreihi, President of Al Yamamah University, said that the University gives a high priority to staying informed about the Kingdom’s needs for both academic and professional training programs. “The university places a high priority upon staying informed about Saudi society’s needs for both academic and professional training programs. With this in mind, we exert our best efforts by conducting local market surveys and by constantly engaging with leaders from the academic and technical communities. We also call upon the expertise of our international partner institutions from Europe, America and elsewhere across the globe with the goal of providing more specialized high-level scientific and technical training programs for our young male and female Saudi learners.”

He pointed out that such programs provide young men and women with excellent opportunities to participate in national development. The president highlighted Al Yamamah University’s untiring efforts to produce graduates whose education and training equipped them with the skills required to enter the modern workforce as well as positive moral character traits.

Finally, he related the efforts undertaken by the university in its quest to achieve the highest standards of scientific education by recruiting well-qualified and highly-skilled staff.