YU established the Ghazi Al-Gosaibi chair

As a way of enhancing the cultural studies with their various branches, Al-Yamamah University established on Saturday, 4th May 2013 the Ghazi Al-Gosaibi chair for Cultural Studies as an effective way of promoting public awareness and as a way of providing cognitive counseling for various governmental and non-governmental agencies to support sustainable development in the country.

The administrative officer of the university, Professor Hussein Bin Muhamed Alfraihi said that “The concept of the chair is stemmed from the fact that the Cultural Studies are considered to be a cognitive field in which various humanities interact, the chair of Ghazi Al-Gosaibi will focus on meaningful Cultural Studies that will contribute to the society and its culture”.

He added that the objectives of the chair lie in adding meaningful cognitive structure to the existing systems in the university and developing them regularly, supporting thoughtful research and creative thought inside and outside the university, and participating also in the enrichment of the National and Gulf cultural event through specialized cognitive work.

Professor Muajeb Bin Saeed Alzahrani, the head of Humanities Department and the general supervisor of Dr. Ghazi Al-Gosaibi chair, indicated that of the chair’s programs that are desired to be implemented are thoughtful and meaningful researches in literary and intellectual material and as a way organizing academic and cultural events that attract the most prominent National and Arabic competencies.

He added: “The activities will also include researches about specialized development, social, administrative, and economic researches about the most important issues that touch upon the needs of the citizens and fulfill the society’s interest, as well as forging cognitive and cultural partnerships with similar entities in the country and the Gulf region to exchange expertise and competencies”.

Al-Yamamah hopes that this outstanding chair will be a promising start for more research chairs to come which became a prominent tradition in all the universities of the world, ancient or modern.