Quality Assurance Consultants Visit INTERLINK at YU

In the framework of the continuous self-appraisal that INTERLINK Language Center does on a regular basis, and in which employees review their own performance, set goals for the coming year, and explore future trends, INTERLINK at YU hosted quality assurance specialists Mr. Sean Conley and Ms. Mary Scholl during the period from 4 to 9 November 2017 to meet with the teachers and fulfill the self-appraisal requirements.

The objectives of the visit included team development for administration leaders, team development for academic staff, including instructors and overall evaluation for the two center sections (men & women).

Having completed the same tour in all six INTERLINK centers in the US, Sean and Mary’s recent evaluations of male and female sections of INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University had a very positive impact on the self-evaluations and employee evaluations in general, and provided useful feedback for an improved working system for all centers under the auspices of the central Home Office of the company.

The consultants’ visit and the one-to-one meetings they held with INTERLINK at YU teachers had a number of positive outcomes. It provided a very positive impact on the teachers’ self-evaluations and employees evaluations in general (teachers and staff appreciated the additional opportunity to be heard by management) and helped provide teachers with useful feedback on their instruction and class management.

The use of the NBI™ (Neethling Brain Instruments) suite of assessments which is a psychology and neuroscience-based psychometric assessments was eye-opening and helped management and staff have a measure of their thinking preferences—the degree to which people prefer some kinds of tasks more than others. This type of exploration has important implications for how teachers lead, communicate, relate to others, and work in teams as well as for the choices they make. Implementing NBI™ tools helped enhance social and emotional intelligence and consolidate the sense of ‘team’ at INTERLINK at YU.

The visit program was lead and administered by INTERLINK Director General, Dr. Nebila Dieb in partnership and collaboration with Mr. Marshal Brewer, Executive Director, INTERLINK Home Office, Colorado.