MBA Program Hosts Graphene Ventures LLC, President to Speak About Venture Capital

Graphene Ventures President and YU MBA alumnus, Mr. Nabil Alnour, gave an informative presentation on the impact of venture capital on Saudi economy to an audience of MAB and BBA students and faculty in the framework of the evening workshops and guest-speakers program organized by the COBA.

Moderated by Head of Strategy and Business Development, Mr. Mohammed Alkhudair, the presentation given by Mr. Nabil Alnour highlighted the importance of venture capital in global markets in general and the in Saudi Arabia in particular. Alnour spoke about his experience in the Saudi market trying to invest in the telecommunications and the sports sectors ten years ago and the difficulties he faced then such as the lack of the supportive investment environment and regulations and the very little incentives that the market offered.

Alnour moved on to talk about his experience in the US and his strong relations with Silicon Valley which helped him in a short period of time to own a percentage in some social media companies and other tech businesses.

Speaking about the current situation of the local market and the huge improvements to facilitate investment and create a competitive environment for businesses to flourish, Alnour urged the students in the audience to seize the opportunity and invest in technology and communications solutions saying that Vision 2030 has established the right atmosphere and provided the necessary tools, regulations and support that venture capital needs to achieve its role and help in the diversification of income sources  and the reduction of dependency on oil income.

Towards the end of his presentation, Alnour called on all students in the BBA and MBA programs to focus on their passion and invest their time, knowledge and resources to implement what the learn and create  their own businesses focusing on selecting the right team before anything else to guarantee solid foundations and keep risks at their lowest.