Director of Business Development at Colgate and YU Alumnus, Abdulrahman Aldweesh, Speaks to Marketing Students

As part of its plan to invite professional guest speakers to address the students about current issues in business administration, COBA hosted the Director of Business Development at Colgate, and YU alumnus, Mr. Abdulrahman Aldweesh, who spoke to the class of International Marketing about the business development process in big companies.

Aldweesh said that the process involves the use and implementation of various methods and techniques such as the assessment of marketing opportunities, potential markets, and target groups. It also involves collecting proper data about clients and competitors and taking the lead in evolving markets. He added that the business development manager is tasked with the assessment and evaluation of the business processes, with the view to achieving maximum outcomes in terms of quality and profits. Drawing on his professional experience at Colgate, especially in relation to the company’s success in content localization and meeting the requirements of the Saudi market, Aldweesh gave living examples of how the business development manager should use the available tools to achieve his targets.

In his presentation, YU alumnus Abdulrahman Aldweesh spoke about his years as a student at university and urged the class to take every available opportunity to maximize their learning outcomes by working on creative and innovative projects and participating in extra-curricular activities as means to building experience and skills.

The presentation was then followed by a Q & A session and a thank-you award to the guest speaker.