Law Students Visit Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers

A group of law students, supervised by Head of Department, Dr. Khalid Alhabshan, visited on Wednesday 29-11-2017 the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers and met with Chief of the Bureau, HE Mohammed ibn Sulaiman Alajaji.

After a quick tour at of the headquarters of the Bureau, the group headed to the Main Hall, where they were welcomed by Head of PR, Mr. Khalid Almohareb, and Consultant, Mr. Mansour Alosaimi. Then HE Alajaji welcomed the students and gave a detailed description of the Bureau, its history, duties and function and its work mechanisms, and answered the students’ questions.

This meeting was followed by another meeting with Deputy Chief, Dr. Amro bin Ibrahim Rajab, and Consultant, Alosaimi who explained the process of revising and issuing decrees and bylaws. The heads of departments and sections then explained the different duties and functions of their departments and the work integration and completion processes.

Finally, the group toured the library, which is regarded as the largest legal library in the Kingdom, containing rare and unique legal manuscripts, books and decrees.

Upon leaving, Alhabshan thanked the Chief of the Bureau and his staff for their warm welcome and the opportunity they extended to the students.

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