CCIS Ecology Class Spread Awareness about Recycling and Endangered Animals

Ecology class, supervised by Ms. Meher Sultana Afshan, organized a big awareness show on December 12, 2017 in the Main Lobby in the men’s campus to educate the student population about recycling and the urgent need to protect endangered species as their end-of-course project.

The class divided into groups, each displaying a variety of posters, roll-ups, fliers and brochures to promote reusing and recycling of various material, and to investigate the causes of endangerment of certain specifies, especially those that live in the Arabian Peninsula.

The show that lasted for 3 busy hours attracted a large number of visitors who learned some innovative ideas to reuse some items such as old tires for flower pots and plastic bottles for birthday decorations. They also saw photos and listened to ecology class students telling stories of rare species in Saudi Arabia, such as the Oryx, and the government efforts to protect it against poaching.

Such hands-on class activities, launched and motivated by faculty members, enhance the students understanding of their course content, teaches them about current issues and improves their communication, collaboration and leadership skills.

A parallel and equal show was conducted by the female section on the women’s campus on December 14, 2017.