This House Believes Private Higher Education Should Be Non-Profit

Members of the Debate Club split into a proposition and an opposition to debate whether private higher education should be non-profit or not in public debate they organized on December 12, 2017 at Room C001.

The proposition team that consisted of Sultan Alattar, club president, Mohammed Samir and Abdulmalek Alquraini, argued that higher education is a very important and sensitive community service that must not be commercialized, and therefore, should not be for-profit. They focused mainly on the quality of education which must be maintained regardless of the market rules of supply and demand and the net profit guiding principle of the market.

Speaking against that proposition, the opposition team, which consisted of Alwaleed Alomair, Mohammed Alakil and Mohammed Alazani, argued that numerous private universities exist in the world and the fact that they are not non-profit had no bearing on the quality of their programs or the qualification of their graduates. On the contrary, they believed that there is no harm in higher education institutions existence as service providers like any business where competitiveness plays a major role in motivating the business owner to seek excellence and competitiveness.

The debate was very well organized in terms of debate format and adjudication. The audience was highly engaged in the debate and asked numerous questions and made comments to the debaters.

After the vote and the judges’ decision, the opposition team was declared the debate winner.

This debate is one in a series of debates the club is planning for this academic year.