Saudi Women with a New Vision

Four young Saudi women in senior executive positions in the banking sector addressed the students in the women section and their guests from KSU, PNU and Alfaisal University about enablement of Saudi women, their personal experience in leadership and their opinions about the realization of Vision 2030 on December 16, 2017 in the Main Auditorium.

The event, which was started by a short play entitled “Saudi Women between the Past and the Present” and performed by Yamamers, was initiated by the idea of creating an electronic platform to connect Saudi women with their sisters in leadership positions in the corporate sector to seek advice, guidance and support.

Hosted by Mai Aleisa, announcer at the Saudi sports channel, the guests maintained that the recent developments in Saudi Arabia bring a lot of opportunity to Saudi women who have always been eager to play their full role to serve the community and prove that their potential is a key factor in the realization of Vision 2030.

The panel consisted of Ms. Noura Alyousef, head of wealth management at UBS, Saudi Arabia, Ms. Ghada Almazi, head of investment performance analysis unit at HSBC and executive chair of Mashurah, Dr. Reem Alfryan, head of business women affairs at the Council of Saudi Chambers, Ms. Nibal Alem, executive vice-president at Silah for business enablement, and Ms. Samiah Abdrabbo, special needs consultant.