Domino’s Pizza Head of Marketing Speaks to Class

Domino’s Pizza head of marketing for MENA, Mr. Ibrahim Alsuhaibani, visited the International Marketing class and spoke to the students about job and experience in marketing.

Alsuhaibani spoke mainly about effective marketing in the service sector, focusing particularly on the food and beverages sector. His presentation gave detailed information about the market research and the uniqueness of each community in terms of their eating habits and preferences and how this influences the decisions of the marketing team.

He spoke also about Domino’s Pizza’s deep interest in market research as a vital tool of identifying consumption trends in the society, which the company relies on in developing their quality service and launching their campaigns. “It turns out that the careful study of the market has helped us greatly in learning about our customers’ preferences and habits, and enabled us to retain our loyal customer population by devising detailed development and quality assurance plans,” he said.

The presentation was concluded with a Q & A session.