Ghazi Algosaibi Chair Distinguishes between Women and Men in Style of Writing

On the occasion of the UN Arabic Language Day, celebrated annually on December 18, Ghazi Algosaibi Chair for Cultural and Development Studies organized a public lecture entitled, “Features of Writing between Men and Women”, on December 12, 2017 at Shaikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alkhudair Hall.

Algosaibi Chair invited Dr. Hussein Manasrah, professor of modern literary criticism and modern Arabic literature at the Faculty of Arts, King Saud University to give an informative lecture about the distinctive stylistic features of men’s writing verses women’s writing. In his lecture, Manasrah pointed out the main similarities and differences in style between a text written by a man and another text written by a woman.

Manasrah used numerous examples from modern Arabic literature by famous novelists to illustrate his points.

The lecture was attended by Head of Board of Trustees, Mr. Khalid Alkhudair, University President, Prof. Hussein Alfreihi, University Vice-President, and Prof. Houssam Ramadan, in addition to deans, faculty members and students.