YU Participating in the 1st Saudi Applications Expo

Students and faculty members of the College of Computer & Information Science took part in the 1st Saudi Application Expo held at Movenpick between 14 and 16 December, 2017 and sponsored by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Held under the title, “My Innovations in My Applications”, the 1st Saudi Applications Expo is the first exhibition of mobile applications in the region, hosting the innovative talents and creative projects in this field and showcasing the best examples that seek to satisfy the market needs and the investment opportunities.

The CCIS students who manned the booth displayed their projects in the field of mobile applications, gave detailed answers to inquiries and questions by the exhibition visitors, and took part in the exhibition workshops.

Dr. Mohan Silaba and Dr. Amjad Khan from CCIS gave two workshops that focused on the internet for business and the issues of development and utilizations of mobile applications.