Dr. Fayq Al Akayleh Promoted to Associate Professor

COBA faculty member, Dr. Fayeq Al Akayleh recently celebrated his promotion in academic rank from assistant to associate professorship. Based on numerous research projects and papers that have been published in internationally peer-reviewed and reputed specialized journals, Al Akayleh deservingly earned his promotion. The research works focused on the areas of international economics, econometrics, growth and economic development, international trade, and labor migration.

In the Advances in Economics and Business Journal (November 2016), Al Akayleh published a paper entitled, “Do Foreign Workers’ Positive Contributions to GDP Outweigh the Negative Effect of their Outward Remittances on GDP? A Case Study of Saudi Arabia.” The paper examined the effects of foreign workers’ outward remittances on the economic activity of a country that hosts foreign labor by developing a new econometric technique to measure the effect of workers’ outward remittances on gross domestic product of the world’s largest oil producer, namely Saudi Arabia. Results indicated that outward remittances had negative and significant effects on all types of aggregate demand. The total effect of outward remittances on GDP was, then, negative. The study findings proved that the net effect of non-Saudi workers on GDP was positive for the Saudi GDP.

In December 2017, Al Akayleh published a second paper entitled “Accession to World Trade Organization and Its Implications for Trade Diversification and Economic Activity: Evidence from Saudi Arabia” in the International Journal of Economics and Financial Research. This research work proved that trade patterns in Saudi Arabia have changed in some areas and remained unchanged in others because of accession to the WTO. The study proved that Saudi Arabia’s accession to the WTO resulted in a remarkable increase in trade share and that accession to the WTO had a positive and significant effect on economic activity.

Dr. Fayeq continues to serve as a full-time faculty member as YU teaching undergraduate students at COBA and postgraduate students in the MBA and EMBA programs.