The Skills Record: A New Tool to Boost Students Engagement

The Deanship of Admission, Registration and Student Affairs launched a new solution to enhance, document and reward students’ engagement in extra-curricular activities.

The students’ “Skills Record” is an official document issued by the Student Activities Unit in the deanship and lists all the training workshops that the student took during his academic life at university. According to Dr. Soliman Alkharboush, dean of student’s affairs, this record “will maximize the students’ opportunities of finding employment after graduation by officially documenting their acquired skills and capabilities in non-academic domains, thus boosting their employability competitiveness.”

Students can easily obtain the Skills Record, in English and Arabic, through Edugate, the university’s online platform. Under the “Skills Record” icon, they can register any training courses or workshops they attended after accepting the terms and conditions of the registration form.

The Skills Record uses a points system which rewards the students for attending and/or organizing training workshops, public lectures or conferences. In this system, 5 points are given for attending, while organizing is rewarded with 10 points, which is a clear indication of the university’s keenness on motivating students to take a more active and creative role in extra-curricular activities.

“Active students with the highest aggregate points receive a special honor certificate from the university president as well as gifts of appreciation at the end of the academic year,” according to Alkharboush.