Al Yamamah University Signs a Cooperation Agreement with KUDU Company

Al Yamamah University and KUDU Company have signed a cooperation and training agreement to make suitable training opportunities available for the university students and to prepare them to start their own projects. The president of the university, Professor Hussien Al Freihi, mentioned that this agreement is considered as one of a series of agreements that the university has signed that aims at activating the cooperative training program. This program aims at preparing and enabling students to start their own business projects as pioneers, granting them the patency license, supplying them with all necessary requirements and facilitating any hurdles they may encounter. Through this program, students will apply their classroom knowledge in a practical experience in a real work environment through a partnership between the student and the company.

Professor Hussein also added that through this agreement, the student applies the acquired academic skills and knowledge. He also tests his efficiency in the market under an ongoing supervision and follow up by the administration of the university and the company supervisors. He affirmed that one of the university’s missions is to seek suitable training opportunities for the university students or through assisting them in their business projects as business pioneers. In addition, the university looks for securing suitable job opportunities for them and helping them to acquire the needed field experience in the market. This will improve their skills and reinforce their self-confidence to face any difficulties they may encounter in their first practical experience after graduation.

Professor Hussein pointed out that the university assists students during their academic study to make their own decisions concerning the diversified work fields starting from going over the varied job opportunities to the official appointment of students in the market after graduation.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of KUDU Company, Mr. Rakan Al Rashid, clarified that the training agreement between Al Yamamah University and the company aims at employing the university students and preparing them to start their own business projects through supporting them, granting them a license and supplying them with all necessary requirements to start a future project and a joint work that reinforces the concept of business among students. This also contributes to the formation of students’ visions towards business, giving them the required knowledge and skills, enriching their professional knowledge and creating a good work environment to get them used to work and taking responsibility.

Al Rashid pointed out that signing this agreement came upon a certainty from both sides that it will eventually benefit students. He said: It is our responsibility to create suitable opportunities for students especially that we are interested in holding a partnership with Al Yamamah University that is well known for its highly competent graduate students.

He added that the significance of the program came from the need to spread professional awareness among university students. It refers to the solid Saudi economy and the capacity of the qualified Saudi youth in the market.

It is remarkable to mention that KUDU Company has more than 30 years of experience in the business field in the Saudi market in the food trade inside the kingdom and Arab worldwide.

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