Al Yamamah University and Takamul Holding Company Sign a Cooperation Agreement

Al Yamamah University has signed a five-year cooperation and exchange agreement with Takamul Holding. Takamul holding is the executive connection that links the private sector with the government sector, to directly improve, advance and promote the labor market and social development. The agreement identifies with the great role represented by the university in education and academic training, which provides scholarships to the employees of the company who are part of the Master’s degree program. Prof. Dr. Hussein Alfreihi, the President of Al Yamamah University, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Yamani, Chief Executive Officer of the Holding Company have both signed the agreement. Prof. Dr. Hussam Ramadan, the Vice President of Al Yamamah University and Mr. Mohammed Khalid Alkhudair, the General Manager of Business Development and Strategy have attended the signing ceremony.