Students Celebrated International Mother Earth Day

Al Yamamah Uuniversity students celebrated International Mother Earth Day with the presence of Prof. Hussam Ramadan, Vice President of Al Yamamah University and the faculty members. The celebration is for remembering International Mother Earth Day as a way to change our views and lifestyle in order to have a healthy friendship with our dear planet.

A number of organizers confirmed that International Mother Earth Day is a day to appreciate our planet and remind ourselves of good, useful habits, such as lower energy use, lower waste production and contributing to the recovery of extinct species of both plants and animals. The celebration focused on spreading awareness of the seriousness of environmental issues such as climate change, fossil fuel consumption, industrial pollution and endangered animals to stress on how those issues will affect future generations. This kind of awareness is what the community currently needs, especially the students. The future generation must be well aware of the harmful environmental problems so that they can take steps to solve them.