Vice President of Al Habib Medical Group for Human Resources lectured at the new Human Resources Community

The Saudi Human Resources Association organized the gathering of the Human Resources Community last Wednesday in cooperation with Al Yamamah University, the Knowledge Partner. Mr. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Amer, Vice President of Al Habib Medical Group for Human Resources, delivered a lecture on the new human resources community. His lecture answered a number of common questions in relation to this matter.

Ibrahim Al-Amer, Vice President of Human Resources at Al Habib Medical Group stated, “The recruitment department is the first door to access the world of human resources. The facility has artistic and creative organizational structure, and the creators of the facility are difficult to maintain.”

The Vice President stressed that the President of Human Resources should ensure that his management has an opinion on the decision makers in any expansion or development plan in the facility, noting the importance of the role of human resources in the growth of any activity. At the end of the lecture, the participants opened a discussion by answering questions from the audience.