The First Female to Get the Highest Score on the SCOBA Value-Added Tax (VAT) Exam in Saudi Arabia


Al Yamamah University is sincerely proud of all the achievements and accomplishments of its students. Ms. Nora Alkordi is an example of how solid education, hard work and determination will ease your steps toward a successful career.

About Ms. Nora Alkordi

Ms. Nora graduated from College of Business at Al Yamamah University in 2013 with a Bachelor degree in Accounting. Nora is currently a Tax Specialist at Ernst & Young (EY), which is one of the largest professional firms globally. Ms. Nora states that her journey in Ernst & Young was full of challenge, which provided her with the technical knowledge, social experience and leadership skills that are important in order to excel in the field that she is passionate about the most.

Ms. Nora’s Goals

Nora then discovered her area of interest relying on the new regime of value-added tax (VAT), which is emerging with the Saudi vision 2030. Her goal is to be one of those contributing in the evolution of our Saudi vision in a meaningful way. Hence, she was adamant to peruse the SOCPA value-added tax (VAT) exam initiated for the first time and was the first female to get the highest score amongst all participants across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A Warm Thank You

Ms. Nora would like to thank Al Yamamah University, which she believes that being one of its graduates increases the value to both her existing career and personal level. She later stated that she is extremely thankful for achieving the first milestone in her career with a vision of her own. She also quoted HRH Mohammed bin Salman saying “All success stories start with a vision, and successful visions are based on strong pillars.