YU Signed a Cooperation Agreement with ASBAR Center

Al Yamamah University signed a cooperation agreement with ASBAR Center for Studies, Research and Media, which aims for the university to host the activities and initiatives of the ASBAR Forum. This corresponded to the annual social meeting of the members of the forum. Prof. Dr. Hussein Alfreihi, the President of Al Yamamah University and Dr. Fahad AlOrabi AlHarthy, President of ASBAR Forum signed the agreement for a renewable year. Based on the agreement, the university hosts and fulfills three of the forum’s initiatives. The initiatives are the forum guest, the annual social meeting and the implementation of a radio podcast on YouTube.

Prof. Hussein Alfreihi later gave a speech in which he thanked ASBAR Forum for choosing Al Yamamah to sign this agreement. He stressed its importance to both parties and announced that the university is ready to develop its potential, to serve the society and interact with its issues and initiatives.