MIT Faculty to Teach at YU: Under the Patronage of H.E, Dr. Ahmed Aleisa, Minister of Education, YU and MIT Sign Academic Cooperation Agreement

Under the patronage, and in presence of H.E, Dr. Ahmed Aleisa, Minister of Education, Al Yamamah and MIT signed, at the headquarters of the ministry, an academic cooperation agreement whereby MIT faculty will teach a course on leadership and innovation to the university’s EMBA students who will receive a certificate in leadership and innovation from MIT together with their EMBA certificate from Al Yamamah upon graduation.

The three years’ agreement is considered as the first of its kind as it opens the door to MIT faculty to come to Riyadh periodically and teach at a Saudi university, which allows post-graduate students to learn first-hand from the faculty of the world’s number one university and benefit from their knowledge and expertise in leadership and innovation.

It is also considered as an exemplary step in building strong and quality partnership with renowned universities in fulfillment of the National Transformation Program and Vision 2030 with regards to capacity building.

In his welcoming speech, Dr. Aleisa welcomed the MIT delegation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, highlighting the Kingdom’s keenness on building strategic partnerships with the world’s leading academic institutions to allow transfer of knowledge and expertise for mutual benefit and to empower Saudi youth and build their capacities. He also commended Al Yamamah’s initiative to build this relation with MIT as a sign of its serious commitment to presenting the highest quality education to its students and to the community at large.

YU Acting President, Pro. Hussam Ramadan, thanked the minister of education for his generous gesture of hosting the ceremony at the ministry, which is a clear indication of the ministry’s genuine support to the university in this context and its vital role in helping private higher education advancement. “No doubt,” Ramadan said, “this cooperation will play a leading role in the developing the skills and potential of our young generation of community and business leaders who will benefit from the expertise of MIT faculty and will be able to build bridges of communication and understanding for the betterment of our lives and the prosperity of our homeland.”

Executive Director of MIT Professional Education, Bhaskar Pant, expressed his happiness to sign the agreement with YU and said, “our MIT faculty are highly versed in their fields of expertise and they will not only share this expertise, but will also facilitate an exchange of creative ideas to help achieve sustainable development in growing and flourishing economies around the world. We are proud of our cooperation with a Saudi university that offers quality and socially effective education, which goes in line with MIT mission of contributing to the betterment of human kind.” Mr. Pant added that this agreement is a first step and will be followed by more steps to teach other courses such as artificial intelligence and other technology course in the future.

Prof. Hussam Ramadan as the University President

Al Yamamah University is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Hussam Mohammed Ramadan as the university president, based on the Ministry of Education approval of the nomination of Prof. Ramadan by the Board of Trustees.

Prof. Hussam Ramadan is a seasoned academic leader, researcher and professional IT consultant. His rich experience extends over twenty-five years of service in numerous academic roles at the most prestigious Saudi organizations.

Prior to his successful three years as the university’s Vice President(2015-2018), Prof. Ramadan served as the Advisor and Director General of Planning at the Ministry of Higher Education (2014-2015), Dean of the College of Computer and Information Systems, King Saud University (2009-2013) leading the HR expansion, ABET accreditation of all BS programs and overall development in research and academics of the college at both Derryah main campus and Malaz female campus, and Vice Dean, College of Computer and Information Systems, KSU (2001-2009) managing the academic and administration affairs of the college, including student registration, curriculum development, examination and assessment and industrial relationship.

In the field of IT business consultancy, Prof. Ramadan served as an academic consultant at Dell EMC (2014-2016), IT Consultant at the Ministry of Hajj (2002-2015) providing technical consultation to all sectors of the ministry in information technology for over a decade and supervising several projects that aimed to introduce cutting-edge strategic technologies and integrate them with the tasks and work of the ministry, and simulation consultant at International Systems Engineering, Inc. (1998-2000).

He has numerous peer reviewed academic papers published in world-class periodicals and magazines such as IEEE and international conferences and seminars.

Prof. Ramadan holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, (1996), MS in Electrical Engineering from King Saud University (1991) and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude from George Washington University (1988).

The university wishes Prof. Ramadan the best in his new role.

YU President during his visit to MIT discusses activating Memorandum of Cooperation between MIT and Al Yamamah University

To consolidate the partnership between the two parties, YU President Prof. Hussam Ramadan visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States of America. He was received by Bhaskar Pant, the Executive Director of MIT Professional Education. During the visit, the two parties discussed following up on the implementation of the memorandum of cooperation between YU and MIT signed last June, in addition to working towards the expansion of their cooperation in various academic fields.

It is worth mentioning that YU and MIT had signed a memorandum of cooperation. Based on the memorandum, MIT professors will teach the Leadership and Innovation course to the YU EMBA students, who upon graduation receive a Master’s degree from YU and a Certificate of Leadership and Innovation from MIT.

This agreement forms a model for academic cooperation, which the Kingdom aspires to in its efforts to achieve the goals of the National Transformation Program and Vision 2030, especially in the areas of developing young Saudi leadership and founding the concept of innovation in academic, economic and social sectors.


Eid Celebration

Under the auspices of Acting President, Prof. Hussam Ramadan, the university held the annual Eid welcome celebration on Sunday 24/6/2108.

Prof. Ramadan welcomed deans, faculty and staff who gathered in the lobby to exchange greetings a well-wishes. He gave a quick speech welcoming all staff back to work and wished them continuous success and prosperity, and commended their team spirit and excellent efforts.

The university holds such gatherings to enhance collegial and human relations among the faculty and staff.

YU Signed a Cooperation Agreement with ASBAR Center

Al Yamamah University signed a cooperation agreement with ASBAR Center for Studies, Research and Media, which aims for the university to host the activities and initiatives of the ASBAR Forum. This corresponded to the annual social meeting of the members of the forum. Prof. Dr. Hussein Alfreihi, the President of Al Yamamah University and Dr. Fahad AlOrabi AlHarthy, President of ASBAR Forum signed the agreement for a renewable year. Based on the agreement, the university hosts and fulfills three of the forum’s initiatives. The initiatives are the forum guest, the annual social meeting and the implementation of a radio podcast on YouTube.

Prof. Hussein Alfreihi later gave a speech in which he thanked ASBAR Forum for choosing Al Yamamah to sign this agreement. He stressed its importance to both parties and announced that the university is ready to develop its potential, to serve the society and interact with its issues and initiatives.

The Alumni Affairs at Al Yamamah University Organized Workshops for Graduate Students

The Alumni Affairs of Al Yamamah University organized workshops for students in the framework of the vocational preparation program. Al Yamamah University prepared this program for the students who are going to graduate from the Co-op Program soon. The aim of this program is to prepare the graduates for the labor market. The selection of workshop quality covers important aspects of communication skills, such as CV creation, CV writing, LinkedIn account setup, interview skills, communication skills, presentation skills and English business writing.

Vice President of Scranton University visited YU

Prof.Hussein Alfreihi, the President of Al Yamamah University met with Mr. Jerry Zaboski, Vice President of Scranton University for Foreign Affairs. The meeting discussed ways of cooperation between the two universities. Prof. Hussam Ramadan, Vice President of the university, Dr. Solaiman Alkharboush, Dean of Admissions, Registration and Student Affair, Dr. Owen Francis Cargol, Dean of the College of Business Administration have attended the meeting.

SAP Training and Development Institute Conclude Two Programs at YU

As part of its continuous efforts to provide the best training and professional empowerment opportunities to its students, the university partnered with SAP Training and Development Institute to give the students access to benefit from the SAP Dual Study Program, which has been introduced to assist with developing certified SAP Associate Consultants, bring SAP business skills to those who have a cultural and social understanding of a region and here by tackle some of today’s most pressing issues, such as youth unemployment and STEM skills gap.

This SAP 5-days full time course, which consists of two programs: SAP HANA and SAP-SUCCESS-FACTORS, combines university theoretical studies with the opportunity for students to take SAP certification during academic year. Participants graduate from the program as SAP Associate Consultants, being able to immediately apply the knowledge acquired and make their way into employment.