Program Overview

Human resources professionals play a vital role in virtually every organization. The mission critical importance of proper staffing demands that those charged with developing and implementing HR systems be fully prepared for their responsibilities.

In the modern business environment, this entails both broad- based understanding of fundamental business disciplines as well as highly-developed skills in the specific functions of the HR office.

YU’s master’s degree program in human resource management is designed to provide practical, career-focused training that prepares students to make significant contributions to their organizations. The program imparts a deep understanding of the importance to the enterprise of HR systems that fully support corporate strategies and has been carefully designed to develop and enhance skills in analysis, workforce planning and management.

The MHRM program affords students the flexibility to pursue their educational and career- development goals at their preferred pace – on a full-time basis, requiring from 18 to 24 months to completion. Most courses are conducted over the duration of an entire semester (During the weekdays, with only a limited number of intensive offerings (in average 3 Hours/3day a week ) . This allows students the opportunity to reflect upon new insights and gradually hone their practical skills in a manner that enhances both retention and further development.